Saturday, March 24, 2012

Random Bernie-ness

     So Bernie has been home for about a week and a half and I have about four weeks left here.  People have asked if I will miss her.  Well we talk on skype every day and as I settle back into my routine here I am very aware that my time here is coming to a close.  So just about the time I would start to miss her I will be home.  She timed her visit perfectly.  This entry is dedicated to Bernie's time in Viet Nam.  On the right you see Bernie and Thao at the beach.  These two would take off for day long trips to Hoi An shopping.  Bernie planned her money and her suitcase well for this trip.  For about two hundred dollars she got a suitcase full of tailor made clothes.

    After a day of museums and activities in Ha Noi we dragged ourselves back to the hotel only to be greeted by these two lovely young hostesses.  Bernie went into grandmother mode as if a switch had been flipped.  As tired as she was these two young ladies made her day.
      Steamed squid for lunch at the program house.  The funny thing is we had the same dish at a sidewalk restaurant the day before.  The conversation went something like... "Did you want me to pull the head off of that for ya sweetheart?"  "Haw I got it,thanks."
                                     Of course there were flowers for International Woman's Day

                                           "Do you like my hat?" Thao and Bernie at the beach.
                                           the beach.
                                       the you sense a theme here?

           One of my all time favorite pictures of Bernie.  Da Nang, the city by the Han River, and Bernie
                                          "Victor's girls"  and Bernie at Ba Na Hills.
                                                           Enjoying the cable car ride.

                                                            No fear!

                                                     It is good luck to rub the turtle's head

                                           Post cards and rice wine on Ha Long Bay

                                           Proof that she climbed the 583 steps.

                                           The End.
                   If you want confirmation just ask Bernie...this really is paradox in paradise
         Next vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam
Hen gap lai

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