Sunday, March 4, 2012

...but first, Some Pagoda's

   I said we would go to Ha Long bay next.  I got the inspiration to make a stop at a few Pagoda's we have seen first.  I do not know the names of these places.  I will include the pictures with some comments so you can see which is which.

   One of our first stops when arriving in Viet Nam was a Pagoda with the largest Buddha in Da Nang.  I wish I had understood better what I was looking at....I would have taken more pictures.

                                               This is the Pagoda at Marble Mountains.

                                        These were all taken at the Pagoda of the Lady Buddha.

    These were all taken at the Heavenly Lady Pagoda in Hue.  They include the car the monk drove to Sai Gon when he burned himself to death in protest of the American war.
    Next stop Ha Long bay, next vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam
Chao tam biet

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