Monday, March 5, 2012

Ha Long bay

   As promised below are the pictures of Ha Long bay.   You can go to the website and view pictures of the area as well.  There are thousands of islands here and with the pictures you are getting just a little peek.  The first shot is from our hotel room on the seventh floor.
                                As you can see it is going to be a gray  cloudy day.

    There is a whole fleet of these tourist boats on Ha Long bay.  We had one all to ourselves.  Ha Long bay is overrun with Chinese tourists, or as we have come to call them Chinese furniture movers.  Our experience with them in the hotel required earplugs.  They are pushy and loud and there was the never ending sound of furniture being slid across the floor.  We were very happy to have a boat to ourselves.   At least with this Chinese invasion the Vietnamese are reaping the tourist capital.  Viet Nam is learning how to blend capitalism with their brand of socialism.
    Here we are on the upper deck of old number 18, our "Ha Long bay cruise ship."  The previous night Bernie bought the silk jacket you see here.  She needed one more layer against the chilly weather on the water so she did it with style...and forty-five US dollars.  By the way that double layer of silk was very effective.

                       These two pictures show the floating village.  People actually live on the bay.

   Here is another view of Bernie's beautiful silk jacket.  These pictures do not capture the magnificent beauty of this place.  In order to really get it you have to do what you see Bernie doing here...sit on the upper deck and take it all in.  Next vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam.
Hen gap lai
(see you again)

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