Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ba Na Hills

    Do you know where the highest and longest cable car in the world is located?  That's right! Twenty-five kilometers from Da Nang at Ba Na Hills resort.  When this thing takes off it goes up and keeps going up until you are in the clouds!  I made an attempt not to freak out the other people in the car with my fear of heights but the look on this mug says it all.

     At the top of the mountain is the French built Morin Hotel.  On days when there are no clouds covering the mountain I imagine the view is spectacular.  We stopped to see the Buddha in the clouds and taste the flowers.
                                                     Yummm flowers.
    It was very important to the woman in the middle that I take her picture.  The young girl on the left was trying to act like she did not know these people.  It was very funny.
    The trip down was just as long and scary although some of us had no problem looking straight down from the little box dangling from a wire a million feet in the air.

        Ba Na Hills, the longest highest cable car in the world.....I am very happy to be back on the ground.
Next vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam
Hen gap lai

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