Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dogs beware

    More paradox.  I have heard dog owners lament about their dogs suddenly come up missing.  Here in the city there are endlessly barking dogs.  I have heard stories about men with clubs and missing dogs.  Here in the city owners ignore their barking dogs. Hmmmm.  Here in the city I have grown to hate dogs and the owners that ignore them.  They love dogs here.  They particularly love dogs in Ha Noi.  In Ha Noi I never once heard a barking dog.  There are certain restaurants in Ha Noi where thit cho' is on the menu.  That is also a menu choice in Korea.

      People who eat meat would not be disturbed by a truckload of pigs, chickens, or cows.  But!  Put Fido on a truck to Ha Noi as the main course and they freak out.  So when the dog is barking and disturbing the neighbors remember....
                                          They would love you in Ha Noi.
      Yup Paradox is alive and vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam but
think twice before ordering thit cho'.
Hen gap lai

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