Monday, January 9, 2012


     By the way the dragon in the previous post is made entirely of dinner ware.  I call him the dinner plate dragon and he is one of three dragons in the park where I go to exercise at 5 AM.  the other two are made of trimmed hedges. Each of them are about 25 or 30 feet long.  I was told the difference between the Chinese and Vietnamese dragons is that the Vietnamese dragons have whiskers.
     The park is crowded at 5AM because the people here believe in getting up early and exercising.  If it was America I would have the place to myself but not so here.  There are runners and walkers and large groups of people doing group exercise.
      I enjoy the coffee here and I like to order a drink called cafa sua sigon.  It is coffee with milk in a tall glass with ice and it is popular and very tasty.
     We had our first language class today and I had to hold my head so it would not explode.  The language teacher is very precise and expects us to enunciate and pronunciate (is that a word?).  I better learn the Vietnamese word for Tylonal!!
     Dorothy I will see if I can get more information on who the Lady Budda is and include it here when I do.

Chao boi san y'all

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  1. Hey Jim!

    What is the significance of the whiskers on the dragon, if any? Do they symbolize anything, or are they just a feature to differentiate themselves as Vietnamese dragons?

    What is the food like? Do you have a favorite dish?

    How's the weather? Are the sunsets beautiful?

    All the best,