Saturday, January 14, 2012

A quiet Sunday in Da Nang

Sundays are quiet here at the program house in Da Nang.  I will probably go out walking around the city and stop here and there for ca phe sua (coffee with cream).  I took a video of the house and I will make an effort to include it here.
     I have also taken a video of from our corner coffee stand which I will include.  It will give you a sense of what traffic is like on a quiet corner in Da Nang.  Remember, the only rule in traffic here is that there are no rules.  Even so there is a certain flow or chi one has to be in so as to survive in traffic.  I have seen examples of people who are out of sync with the flow and they have nearly gotten wacked.   Toyota minivan taxi against Motorbike.......minivan wins every time!
     My computer is telling me I am using too much memory right now so I will include the corner video in another post.

Smell Ya later


  1. Thanks for the nickle tour! Very clever to end with the mirror. Good to see ya!

  2. OK. How are you and Bernie both going to fit in that bed???
    Good show, and I am following your blog. Always good to hear from you.