Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some answers

     According to Liza and Joel in Cabaret  "money makes the world go around." I am including some pictures of the Vietnamese Dong here.  There are coins for the smaller denominations ie 2000 and under but people do not like to use it because they say it is dirty (shrug).
     The photo above shows the larger bills 100,000  50,000  20,000 and 10,000.  At the right we have the smaller bills 5,000
2,000  1,000 and 500.  All of the money as you can see has Uncle Ho's picture as his dream of one Vietnam was responsible for the Unification.  Think about that, all he wanted for his country was the same thing Abraham Lincoln wanted for his country.  To preserve the Union.
     My trip to the pharmacy.  Nga told the lady behind the counter what my symptoms were and she dispensed 4 different capsules to be taken with meals till gone.  About 4 days worth.  In a way I am disappointed and relieved that it wasn't lizard tonge, goat brain, and ox testicle.
     I will make another attempt to include the corner traffic video here.  I hope these are working for people because if not I have no clue how to do it different.

   Enjoy.  Chao vui sang Vietnam!  (Goooood Morning Vietnam!)


  1. Thanks for the pictures, Jim!! The video was neat! Per my count: one van, 4 cars, 8 bikes and the rest were motorbikes (though I did have to take my eyes off of the video for a moment). Wow! And no traffic controls or signals, per what I saw! If that were here, there would be a major medical emergency at that intersection! LOL!

    I wonder why they make their currency so "high." I mean, why not make something $8.00 instead of $80,000? I never understood that. My father does a lot of international travel and I see that a lot of countries do that. Wouldn't it be easier to compute the math? I mean, their salaries must be in the six to nine digit range!

    That is so cool that you get to experience all of that, Jim! The only country I've visited outside of the US is Canada. Sad, isn't it?!

    You should go find a geocache while you are there! :)

    I hope you are feeling better (loved your disappointment in the non-witch's brew meds)! All the best to you!


  2. The traffic flow is mesmerizing. Britain does that with roundabouts but not 4 way intersections. wow

  3. This has to be where the saying "NO FEAR" was originated! There seemed to be a very smooth flow of traffic. Except for a few beeping horns, no trouble.

    How is the weather over there? We had a 55 degree day here, and tomorrow the high is 22. Fun!

    Take care!