Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GoooooooD Morning Viet Naaaaaam!!

    During Tet the flag of The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam flew along every street in Da Nang just like this one right outside of the program house.  The Vietnamese people love their country.  They are not always happy with the government however they love their country fiercely.  Sound familiar?
    I am finding more and more similarities than differences between the PEOPLE of Viet Nam and the PEOPLE of America.  Then again I am looking for how we are alike.  Of course one big difference is that Americans quite rude.  Sorry y'all.  Try going to a foreign country for a while then coming home.  The culture shock of the US will make you want to go back to that other place.  It happened to me in 1975 when I came home from Japan.  I am guessing I will see it again in April.
    More about the people.  75% of the population of Viet Nam was born after Liberation Day April 30 1975.  (A national holiday in Viet Nam by the way).  Viet Nam is a country of young people who want a place in the modern world.  Of course the paradox is they are immersed in tradition and the ways of the ancestors.  Many young college age people see westerners as someone they want to make friends with and practice their tieng Ahn (English) skills with.  I have never been in a place where the people are as friendly as here in Viet Nam.  They have infinite patience with me while communicating with bits of English, Viet, and ASL.

     Above is a shot of the ferryboats that run back and forth across the river in Hoi An.  We were having a beer by the river and I was watching them load and unload these boats with bicycles, people and motorbikes using a six inch wide plank.  They could jam these boats full in about seven minutes.  The operators have it down to a smooth running ritual and nothing bothers them.  The people continuously amaze me.  I will most likely have more to say about that as my time here goes on.  The only way to really get it is to experience it.
Sooooooo next vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam!
Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!

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  1. So wonderful to see such "cooperation" among the people of Viet Nam.