Thursday, April 12, 2012

Party Time!

    Our last visit with the kids at the Agent Orange group home was our farewell party.  As has been the custom during this semester in Viet Nam, Victor and I had absolutely no clue how this  was suppose to go.  We arrived carrying two boxes which as it turns out were the party supplies.  They were waiting for us.  As we walked in they cheered and hugged and touched us.  We came in and then set about supplying them with soda and snacks and then had to go around opening the snack bags.  They took great delight in feeding us the little shrimp flavored snack chips.  Bernie, you would have loved to be here for this!  The first crisis was we ran out of soda.  They loved the soda.  The second crisis was there was only one digital camera...mine.  I attempted to step off to the side and get a picture...not happenin’ I was spotted.  After that the posing began and for a while I had no control over where the camera/phone was.  So this entry is dedicated to the AO group home party.  These kids may be living with the affects of Agent Orange on their lives and yet they enjoy life.  BTW nice haircut My Hoa.

                                 Yo! great snacks man, thanks!

                                 The posing was intense!

                                  My Hoa's haircut was perfectly timed for the hot weather!
                                  There is a bunch more below.

      Some of these pictures are blurry because the camera was not absolutely still but, well you get the picture (pun intended) this bunch was having a great time.  My Hoa said all we really needed was a lot of soda and a digital camera!  I will miss our brief connection with the lives of these young people.  They have the intense curiosity of all Vietnamese without the shyness.  During our visits with these kids I always felt as though I was the one who benefited the most.  Actually Victor said the same thing.
Next vacation party in beautiful Viet Nam
Hen gap lai

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