Thursday, April 19, 2012

75, 80, 85, 90, 2 Dam

    With temperatures passing the mid 90s it is time for me to get outta here!  But you know where the worlds longest cable car over water is?   You guessed it Viet Nam!!  In Nha Trang there is an amusement park/resort  located on an island two miles off we go again with the heights thing!  What is it with Viet Nam and cable cars!!??  I asked My Hoa if there are any more in Viet Nam and she said yes!  In the mountains north of Ha Noi there are more cable cars but they are not the record holding type.  The amusment park was interesting, the food was good and the real treat was the mud bath the following day.  Wait; did he say mud bath?  Yup.  This goes on the "list of things I never thought I would do," just ahead of, ride a horse in Viet Nam.  As you may imagine this trip to Ho Chi Minh is waaay different than our trip to Ha Noi. 
    In Nha Trang there was the park, the Champa temples and the mud bath.  In Da Lat there was horseback riding lovely cool temperatures and the night market.  Then in Ho Chi Minh it was back to the 2 DAM HOT weather, the Cu Chi tunnels and the War Museums.  The Cu Chi tunnels are amazing!  During both the French and American wars when everything on the surface was bombed, strafed, and sprayed with deadly chemicals, the Vietnamese dug in....way in.  It is amazing what people will do when they want freedom and independence, you know; Valley Forge, Henry Knox, the Cu Chi Tunnels.  Things that make ya' say hmmm.

       In sharp contrast to the tunnels we visited the Sai Gon regime presidential palace, now called the Reunification Palace with all of its lavish comfort.  One might say it is obscene by comparison.

    I will be processing this trip for a very long time.  It is my believe that a study abroad program in a non-European country, somehow should be mandatory to get a four year degree.  It would be an incredible eyeopener to a young college student like, say, Victor.  I know that because he has told me it is a life changing experience for him.  Me?  Nha didn't affect me at all....yeah right.
Next vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam
Hen gap lai

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