Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Son the Valley of the Temples

     Once upon a time in central Viet Nam (its gotta be good when it starts like that!) there was a group of people known as the Cham. The Champa Kingdom flourished from the 4th century BCE to the 14th century CE when they were defeated by the Viet people from the north and absorbed into the Kingdom of Viet Nam.  The Cham were and are a Hindu people and had an amazing culture.  The valley of My Son (pronounced me son) had 70 temples built to Shiva and other Hindu gods.  There are a few temples still standing.  Many more would be in great condition if not for the gift that keeps on giving to the Vietnamese people called the American War.  Sometimes I don't like us very much.
   I have several pictures of the temples to share.  Google My Son Viet Nam and see what you get.  It is a UNSECO site and the Italians are funding a major restoration here because the Americans wouldn't dream of fixing half the shit we tore up here.  Opps there I go again, sorry.  Enjoy the pictures.

                   Some of these structures are amazing given there age and the things that happened here.

     Nga waiting for us tourists to be done so we can all stop in Quang Nam for lunch and some of the best Mi Quang anywhere on the planet.
    I still have more stuff to catch you up on and I hope to git-r-done now that all my papers are written
Next Vacation visit beautiful Viet Nam
Hen gap lai

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